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In celebration of Jackie Chan Adventures’ 15 Year Anniversary, I’m releasing a fun, 31 day challenge that I started back from November! Long time right? You can pick more than one object/person for each topic/day so don’t worry about struggling to choose between one. Enjoy!

Day 1 - Favorite protagonist

Day 2 - Least favorite protagonist

Day 3 - Favorite antagonist

Day 4 - Least favorite antagonist

Day 5 - Favorite episode

Day 6 - Favorite season

Day 7 - Favorite talisman

Day 8 -  Favorite demon chi/element

Day 9 - Favorite Oni demon/mask

Day 10 - Favorite pairing (canon/non-canon)

Day 11 - Got any JCA crushes?

Day 12 - Something admirable about JCA

Day 13 - Name as many pros and cons as you can about living in the JCA universe

Day 14 - Favorite running gag

Day 15 - Least favorite episode

Day 16 - Least favorite season

Day 17 - Least favorite talisman

Day 18 - Least favorite demon element

Day 19 - Least favorite Oni mask/demon

Day 20 - Something dislikable about JCA

Day 21 - What would you remove and/or add in JCA?

Day 22 - Your favorite fight scenes

Day 23 - What would you want to happen in an episode? If already done, did you enjoy it?

Day 24 - What character are you most like/are told you act like?

Day 25 - Which animal in the Chinese Zodiac are you? What would you do with the power?

Day 26 - Did you learn anything from JCA (life lessons, history, artifacts etc,.)?

Day 27 - Would you be a demon/human/chi wizard/spirit etc. and why?

Day 28 - Favorite quote

Day 29 - What do you miss most about Jackie Chan Adventures?

Day 30 - If possible, how would you spend the day with the characters on JCA?

Day 31 - If someone had told you that the fate of the world was in your hands and you had to do it by collecting certain magical artifacts and fighting off the forces of evil, what would you do?
In honor of JCA's 15h anniversary (9/9/00), I've decided to make this! I like challenges and I like JCA and put them together to create this masterpiece! I don't believe I've seen something as big like this before, but it was pretty fun when I finished. I'm releasing it for you guys to see my opinion. And maybe, others would want to do it too.

31 Days of Jackie Chan Adventures DOES belong to me, so make sure to send a link if anyone out there is planning to do something like this. :)

Jackie Chan Adventures belongs to John Rogers and Kids WB and Sony and all them.
BabouPiccolo Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015   General Artist
Awesome! I could not draw everything but I will do my best :D
goldenpurplefreak Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
It's okay. You don't have to draw. I didn't want to.
BabouPiccolo Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015   General Artist
Aaah okay no problem
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September 9, 2015
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